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Some of our favorite comics, musicians and creatives will be swinging by the bar to hang out for some conversation. We know some great people, and we think you should too.

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The Crew
Produced: Dave Holmes, Will Hutson, Brandon Walowitz
Directed & Edited: Brandon Walowitz
Photography & Cameras: Joel Kling, Michael Petralia, Stephanie Gonot & Mike Adams
Lighting (& equipment): Andrew Richards
Edited: Daniel Russell
Bookings and Production assist: Kelli Debbs

Special thanks to Davey Aguilera and the IOWEST for graciously donating their bar!

Aaaand that’s a wrap on our Kickstarter.

We have had an educational and enjoyable month navigating the world of Kickstarter, but ultimately our efforts have come up short. It happens! ‘Tis better to have Kickstarted and lost, etc.

This is BY NO MEANS the end of A Drink With Dave, though; in the last month, several people have proposed some interesting ways to proceed, and now we’re going to hunker down and decide which path to take. 

But before any of that, we would like to THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. You know how when people say they’re humbled by an award nomination or whatever, and you say Oh, shut your hole? Well, we’re here to tell you that they may not all be fronting. That anyone would give us a theoretical dollar was a serious honor, so watching the donor list grow and grow- especially in the groundswell of the last couple of days- took our breath away. The amount of support we have gotten, both theoretical-financially and amplification-wise, made us all seriously emotional, and strengthened our resolve to make you guys a great product, by hook or by crook. When we started this thing out, we hoped the right people would get it, and you showed us that you did. 

Back- joyfully and with the wind at our back- to the drawing board! 

I met Tom Cruise once, when I interviewed him for something or another. You know how you think you know what “charisma” means? You don’t, until you are in his presence. He just FILLS a room. It’s crazy. He looks right in your eyes, he laughs at your jokes, he makes you think “Wait, am I FRIENDS with TOM CRUISE?” And then he is gone in a puff of smoke, to dazzle a new room.
Dave Holmes on Reddit AMA right now


Check out today’s update video and TELL EVERYONE the news…

We’re ecstatic to Announce Three More Guests:

Rob Corddry (Childrens Hospital, Community), Rich Sommer (Mad Men, Harvey), & Jake Johnson (New Girl, 21 Jump Street) have been booked for Season Two (along with previously announced guests: Jesse Thorn, Paul F. Tompkins, & Rob Delaney!

We’ve got a Great New Reward Tier for those of you who want to be on the show:

YOU introduce an episode AND tease to the next episode! We’ll help you record an awesome video to bookend an episode. It’s only $100 and you’ll also get everything in the T-Shirt & Thank You Level (T-Shirt with your name on it and Thank You video from Dave, the crew & a guest) and Extended Episodes Level (80 extended eps, kickstarter updates, your name listed on our contributor thank you page, and the PDF book.) For those of you who already pledged/ pledge more than $100, you get this reward included (if you want it)!

We only have 48 hours left to make Season Two a reality. If you want to see 80 new episodes, 17 weeks worth of daily content, unpredictable and exciting conversation and exclusive performances with the most talented and hilarious people working in Hollywood today…

Please REBLOGSHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS and kick in some of your monies right now: http://kck.st/LNUtn4

re: Anderson & Frank Ocean: it’s a great thing, it’s about damn time AND it’s nobody’s damn business. When I came out to my family, a line I repeated often was: “I have to make this a big deal for the next few weeks so that it can be NOT a big deal for the rest of our lives.” And I think our whole culture is going through that big deal time right now; people have to come out and have to talk about their experiences so that we can all collectively get the f over it. In a couple of years, the whole concept of “coming out” is going to start to seem like a relic. I hope.
Dave Holmes on Reddit AMA right now
Dave’s IAmA is live right now!

Dave’s IAmA is live right now!